Don’t Leave a “Bad Taste” in Buyers Mouths

November 18, 2011

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This is a guest post by Simone Frank of New Leaf Decor.


As a Home Stager in Barrie Ontario, I have seen my fair share of homes with dated decor. In all fairness, some people are in love with their flowered wallpaper borders and folk art. In many cases, clients have confessed that they are just stuck in a rut, can’t afford home makeovers, or just don’t have the energy to spruce up the decor in a home they are trying to sell.

However, selling a home that is dated can leave a “bad taste” in buyers’ mouths and minds. Instead of remembering the home, they remember all the knick knacks and all the work they will need to do to strip the wallpaper and borders off the walls.

Here is a prime example of what a little paint and de cluttering can achieve.

Before and After Staging Photo

A good Home Stager will never suggest that clients purchase new artwork, trees, and accessories to stage their homes for sale. That’s where a professional Home Stager comes in. We purchase staging specific items that appeal to the broadest potential range of buyers depending on the market. Most Professional Home Stagers carry an inventory full of on-trend décor items, including, lamps, rugs, artwork, linens, greenery, etc. All of which is available for rent at a fraction of retail cost on a month-by-month basis. More than likely, you won’t need to rent more than a month because if your home is priced right, and presents well, it will sell quickly!


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