Selling in Winter

December 13, 2011

For Sale Friday

I have several clients right now who want to wait until the Spring to put their homes on the market. There are some common misconceptions that make sellers believe it is in their best interests to wait until the Spring market.

The first misconception is that buyers aren’t looking to move from November to February (ish). The reality is that people always need somewhere to live. And consider this – buyers who are looking at houses in the worst weather are the most serious. People don’t just trudge through the snow and sleet unless they really really want to see your house. And people DO buy homes in the winter. For example in November in Barrie alone, 209 listings were sold!

Another misconception is that during the holidays, sellers are often worried that the house will be messy or look cluttered with decorations. The thing is that buyers know what to expect this time of year! A Christmas tree, a ceramic village or even your snowman collection helps buyers feel at home.

Don’t forget you’re not the only potential sellers who feel this way. This means that the inventory is decreased. So what does that mean for you? This means that you have less competition. A lot less. And with the low interest rates – especially this year – serious buyers are out there! Will they see your home?! Think about this; wouldn’t a sale at Christmas be the best gift you could receive?

Watch out for next week’s post on “Tips for Selling in Winter”!

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