Family Day

February 20, 2012

Mortgage Monday

People are rarely thinking about real estate and finances on holidays, so we usually take the day off here on as well.  Family Day has been around in Ontario since 2008, and it’s basically a holiday that was placed in the middle of February to give us a break between the Christmas/New Years holidays, and Easter.  It’s goal is to allow Ontarians (as well as other provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and PEI, with BC getting ‘Family Day’ starting in 2013) to spend a day with their families.  If you want to talk about mortgages, you’ll find that your lender (all banks and most other lenders) are not available today.  I’m sure most mortgage brokers and real estate agents are taking the day off as well (though if it’s something urgent, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us wouldn’t mind answering a quick phone call or replying to a quick email).  I’m not going to encourage this very often, but don’t think about your mortgage today.  Spend it with your family.  If you’ve got questions or concerns about your mortgage, wait until tomorrow.  Your favourite mortgage broker will be happy to help you – tomorrow.

Enjoy the day off with your family.


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