Seller Incentives In a Tough Market

December 10, 2011

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As we approach the quietest season in the local real estate market, it is important to do just about anything you can to entice a buyer to visit (and hopefully purchase) your home and not the one down the road; especially in the case of people who need to sell because of a job transfer, divorce, etc. This is a rather simple list of seller incentives that I’ve compiled over my real estate career that will help you stand out from the competition. If you have any further questions about any of these ideas, be sure to ask your real estate agent.

  1. include appliances or furniture
  2. include window coverings
  3. make your closing date as flexible as possible
  4. list the home slightly below market value (your agent can explain the benefits of doing this)
  5. an odd list price, i.e – $220,462.00 (grabs the attention of buyers)
  6. higher selling commission to the buyer’s agent
  7. remove pets and other “obstacles” that will make the home difficult to show quickly
  8. home staging
  9. pre-listing home inspection to highlight any problem/concern areas
  10. complete any repair work required in the home (i.e. – paint baseboards, caulk windows and doors)
  11. offer a decorating allowance
  12. offer snow removal for a year
  13. offer landscaping for a year
  14. pay alarm service, water tank rental, etc for a year
  15. pay the expenses of pool closures, irrigation system winterization, etc

The great part about most of these incentives is that they are a very small cost to the seller in the grand scheme of things but that being said, they provide a great value for the buyer – hopefully enough to convince them to buy your home over another equally desirable home down the road! Good luck in the winter marker.

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