Down by the bay

April 25, 2012

Law Day

Up here in Simcoe County, there is a lot of waterfront property. In Barrie alone there are homes all along Kempenfelt Bay, and there are numerous lakes throughout the County where people own homes with waterfront access.

There are particular issues to be aware of when purchasing a home right on the water, such as access, whether you are allowed to put in a dock, and even whether you own the river or lake bed – with some older properties, in certain areas, there is ownership out into the water. One other major practical concern: taxes are almost always higher on the water. Make sure you know how much they will be so that you are prepared to budget for them.

If you are thinking of buying a little piece of vacation, be sure to find out as much as you can so that you spend less time worrying about your title and more time enjoying the sun on the dock.

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