The Value of Curb Appeal

August 17, 2011

For Sale Friday

This real estate term has become very common with homeowners, and is something buyers are looking for more often. The simple idea of a nicely landscaped lawn and a well-maintained exterior can make a real impact. But why is this important if you’re selling your home?

The vast majority of buyers who are actively looking to purchase a home in the near future start with, and the photos are what they look at first. You probably do the same thing! If the front of the house doesn’t look its best (or better than the competition!) buyers may pass it over. And it really doesn’t take much to spruce up the front of your property – sometimes just a few brightly coloured planters or painting the front or garage door can make quite a difference.

Something as simple as an even walkway can have an impact, especially when people come to the front door. Any cracks can be fixed, and any broken bricks or stones should be replaced. This indicates to potential buyers of your home that you have taken care of your property on the outside, so the interior of the home is probably similar.

You should also consider that the roof of your home plays a part in the aspect of curb appeal. You may not notice a deteriorating roof after living there for years, however that is one of the first things buyers look at since it can be a costly improvement. A roof in bad shape can also tell buyers that you haven’t maintained your property, and that leads to fears about leaks and mould. To avoid any problems with your roof, keep an eye on it at least once a year, even if you’re not selling, since a roof that’s curling or missing shingles can be hazardous to your own health! Small problems are easier to fix if you catch them early, and considerably less expensive.

Some homeowners mistakenly assume that curb appeal is associated with grandeur. In reality, potential buyers are simply looking for a property that has been cared for. If you make some small changes in your front yard, you may be surprised at the difference it will make. Especially if you carry those good looks throughout your property, buyers will appreciate – and hopefully fall in love with! – your beautiful home.

If you have questions about some improvements you can make around your home – inside or out – don’t hesitate to ask your REALTOR for some tips!

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