Mortgage Monday Rate Update – April 2013

April 8, 2013

Mortgage Monday

First off, let me apologize for missing my Mortgage Monday blog posts from the past couple of weeks. I was on vacation back in Vancouver before the big spring mortgage rush hit, and decided to enjoy the beautiful spring weather they already had out there. ūüėČ ¬†Thanks for understanding.

For those that are shopping for a new house, or looking to do a refinance (or even just a simple mortgage renewal), rates and numbers are an important part of the mortgage¬†equation. When rates change even the slightest of percentage points, it could cost or save you¬†thousands of dollars. Every once in a while, here on the¬†Mortgage Monday¬†posts, I‚Äôll update you on what‚Äôs going on in the world of mortgage rates. While the numbers haven’t changed that much, we haven’t done an update here on the blog for a couple of months…


  • The¬†Bank of Canada interest rate¬†continues to be stuck at 1.00%. ¬†They meet again next week, but¬†I don’t see this changing for a while yet.
  • The Bank of Canada prime lending rate is also holding steady at 3.00%. It has also been holding steady since Fall 2010 – if the bank rate goes up, the prime lending rate will follow. ¬†We probably won’t see this start to move up well into 2013 or even 2014.
  • The qualifying rate (the rate you would need to qualify at for a variable mortgage) for a 5-year mortgage has actually dropped slightly to¬†5.14%¬†from 5.24%. That being said, there are still not too many folks ¬†getting into a variable mortgage these days with fixed rates continuing to be so low.
  • The current best variable rate (can change on a daily basis) is in the prime-0.40% (2.60%) ballpark, though many lenders are still currently offering ‘prime’ as their variable rate.
  • The current best 5-year fixed mortgage rate (changes daily) has moved slightly lower over the past couple of months and sits in the 2.79%-2.99% range, depending on¬†qualifications¬†and options.¬† Again, always¬†contact your mortgage broker¬†for current best rates for your situation (and as we’ve talked about previously,¬†The Best Mortgage Rate is Not Always the Best Option). ¬†Be careful when looking at some of the heavily discounted rates – many of them are considered “no-frills” mortgages and can come with restrictive options which could end up costing you thousands.
  • While the “hot term” in Canada these days may still¬†continue¬†to be the¬†full-featured,¬†10-year fixed mortgage¬†with¬†rates as low as 3.69%¬†(check out my posts from last year on the¬†10-Year Mortgage Below 4%¬†and¬†Should You Consider a 10-Year Mortgage?), the 5-year term is remaining the “go-to” term in Canada – especially with 5-year rates as low as 2.79%. Based on the history of lending rates, locking in for 10 years at below 4%, or 5 years for less than 3% is nothing short of fantastic.

While I’m happy to provide an update on what’s going on as rates, if you’re interested on getting personalized mortgage advice, speak to your favorite mortgage broker who can help you decide the best rates and options for you.

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